My client’s client is my client

What seems like a word game is, in reality, a sort of "mantra" that anyone involved in communication should learn to act for at least ten minutes a day. In fact, during several years of activity in various sectors of communication, I realized that we are often inclined to be too compliant with our customers' expectations, which often arise from certain preconceptions about their

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Eddo Hartmann: Working in North Korea

At Setting the stage you can learn about Eddo Hartman's latest photographic project. Beyond the incredible aesthetic, social and anthropological and cultural value of the images, it is interesting to consult the sections dedicated to the project and the videos, with interviews and other material that show a work done in what is, for us who live in democracy, a really different world.

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Writing before (and after) shooting

I think that it is often very useful, for the photographer, to use writing in support of his activities. For me, personally, it is essential, for example, writing check equipment lists, short notes when I visit a location or even the entire development of a photographic project, from its conception until the presentation to the public. I recommend a very good tool, Google Keep,

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