What to check before publishing a photograph

Whether you are going to print, or to post photos online, it is always best to make a last check. During the process of organizing, postproduction, and production workflow, especially if complex, it's also easy to "let go" even seemingly banal controls. Some post-production interventions, then, can introduce new defects in images, which were not present in "clean" originals. Here are ten final checks:

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Review: Saal-Digital’s poster printing services

I've had the opportunity to try out Saal-Digital's printing services for free. The printing, dimensions 60x60 cm, has been realized on PVC panel, 5 mm thick. I've appreciated the simplicity of sending files and the choice of media and sizes, as well as the ability to download and use ICC profiles for various media. Thanks to the ICC profile and the calibration of my

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Review: Saal Digital online printing service

A few weeks ago I've had the opportunity to test for free the Saal Digital print service. I've immediately appreciated the capability to use the color profiles provided by the service, the different photo books formats, and the customization options. I've tested the Saal's publishing software, which is very good for first-rate users. Since sending the print file to the packet reception the times

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