My client’s client is my client

What seems like a word game is, in reality, a sort of "mantra" that anyone involved in communication should learn to act for at least ten minutes a day. In fact, during several years of activity in various sectors of communication, I realized that we are often inclined to be too compliant with our customers' expectations, which often arise from certain preconceptions about their

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My images for your business

For a long time now I have been noticing the need for professionals and companies of all sizes to tell their business through images. Thanks to the widespread use of digital media, the production, post-production and distribution of this type of content has become increasingly effective and economical. This strategy is transversal, I've supported reality in all sorts of sectors, from creative to catering

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Stories from the paddies

Milano, 6.00 am: the early bird catches the worm.Ready to leave to Lomellina with a new story to tell.Rice and paddies for a new project with Think | Soluzioni Creative Stay tuned!