My images for your business

For a long time now I have been noticing the need for professionals and companies of all sizes to tell their business through images. Thanks to the widespread use of digital media, the production, post-production and distribution of this type of content has become increasingly effective and economical. This strategy is transversal, I've supported reality in all sorts of sectors, from creative to catering

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Personal branding: we are the product

I propose a small decalog to summarize some basic aspects of personal branding. For a few years, my experience in this industry has been a mix of counseling and training, initially thought for creators, but it can be customized for other work activities, such as consulting, not necessarily just individual, being extensible even to business realities. If you think you need support to better

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Stan deserves an answer

Stan is one of the Eminem's most brilliant works of. The artist starts from a Dido's song, he samples a verse and builds a story that has nothing to do with the original song. Stan is a fictional fan (a bit crazy, indeed) of Slim Shady, the alter ego created by Eminem. In short, the story is this: Stan writes to Slim Shady a series

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