Black and white is not just a color deprivation

Too often black and white is used to try making ugly color images look cool. This works well only in bad photographers' mind. Black and white photography, however, must be imagined as such before taking the picture and all the workflow, postproduction and printing included, must be developed in this sense. Below I give you some ideas to improve your black and white images

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Five reasons that make post-production indispensable

I have a rather well-defined opinion about post-production, I think it's absolutely indispensable and that makes the success of an image at least as much as the production phase (shooting). Here are five reasons to argue my thesis: it is used to balance the limits of technology (dynamic range of sensors, optical aberrations, ...); we can correct shooting errors (composition, white balance, ...); we

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Workflow: (quasi) tutto con Camera Raw

Una delle cose più belle di Photoshop è che si può fare già molto editing... ancora prima di avviare Photoshop stesso! Se, infatti, scattate in RAW (e ve lo confermo ancora una volta, conviene quasi sempre scattare in RAW!), prima di Photoshop verrà avviato Camera RAW, che non è solo uno strumento di importazione, ma un programma di vero e proprio "sviluppo RAW". I suoi strumenti replicano

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