Black and white is not just a color deprivation

Too often black and white is used to try making ugly color images look cool. This works well only in bad photographers' mind. Black and white photography, however, must be imagined as such before taking the picture and all the workflow, postproduction and printing included, must be developed in this sense. Below I give you some ideas to improve your black and white images

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Four good reasons (and four other bad) to photograph in black and white

Waiting for the trekking-workshop of June 26 to 28, in Valle d'Aosta, some ideas to embrace knowingly and with taste the world of black and white. Good reasons: It 'a workout gym, thanks to which, not "distracted" by the color, we can begin to heal the best composition and exposure, but also to manage the contrasts and the histogram in postproduction. It 'a language at

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