Five things you just should not do with Lightroom

Lightroom could be a very good software, very complex, with tools and options that can be risked to perish. Each of us learn to use it according to personal needs, but often, in our workflow, we do not exploit the fundamental potentialities. Here is a brief list of some of the "forgets" I often encountered among my students at the start of my workshops:

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Why do we stop photographing? Ten strategies to start over.

The reasons for which you stop taking pictures are many and personal. Boredom, technical limits, repetition of subjects and environments, creative burnout and routine are just some of the possible motivations. Here you are some ideas for renewing your love for photography: Change Location: A new place can be the stimulus to resume shooting. You do not have to invest in an exotic trip,

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What to check before publishing a photograph

Whether you are going to print, or to post photos online, it is always best to make a last check. During the process of organizing, postproduction, and production workflow, especially if complex, it's also easy to "let go" even seemingly banal controls. Some post-production interventions, then, can introduce new defects in images, which were not present in "clean" originals. Here are ten final checks:

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