Five things you just should not do with Lightroom

Lightroom could be a very good software, very complex, with tools and options that can be risked to perish. Each of us learn to use it according to personal needs, but often, in our workflow, we do not exploit the fundamental potentialities. Here is a brief list of some of the "forgets" I often encountered among my students at the start of my workshops:

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Five strategies for better focusing

Social networks, internet, television, radio, cell phones, phone numbers, VoIP, Skype: they are all great tools for communicating and to learning, but often the counterpart is excessive and results in continuous distraction. Here's to you five simple solutions that work well for me, but there are many strategies to live less "virtually connected" and more "focused", it is up to you to find your "magic

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The snow is white!!!

Generally it is so, but sometimes in photography it is not true. The first snowfalls, in fact, often coincide with the hysterical diffusion of representations of a blanket that, instead of being candid, is blue-smurf, gray-mouse, yellow-pee or shitty-brown. The cause? Being absent dominant elements that are reflected in the snow, the error is always the incorrect white balance. Even if we work in

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