Style exercises | Let your audience fill the glass

A few months ago I've seen a TV program, dedicated to the sculptor Kenjirō Azuma. What fascinates me is the strongly Zen character of his art. I was very impressed with what he has said about the void: thinking of a glass, it does't count the material, or the shape, but its ability to accommodate the content. For this an empty glass is better than

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Style exercises: the “Steve Vai way”

Rock history is full of anecdotes, which sometimes result in the urban legend. One of these, absolutely true, relates the story of the audiotion of the guitarist Steve Vai for Frank Zappa. Zappa, in addition to asking the perfect execution of a number of his songs, he asked to go to change them, with clear indications about the changes of time and even mood. Steve Vai

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Take a look at the mirror

Today I propose a kind of "self-analysis" exercise: trying to take a self-portrait. Nothing like a "silly selfie", but a real portrait. They are sufficient a tripod, a swiveling display or a tethered camera (wired or wireless), a remote control and, perhaps, a couple of light sources (natural or artificial). At first you will begin to master the technique portraiture without engaging models and models, but you

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