The plugins war

DxO has acquired the Nik Collection and strengthened its Photolab, On1 Photo Raw is, in addition to a complete suite of plugins, also a raw editing tool, Capture One is consolidating as a professional alternative to Lightroom. At the moment, the situation is quite confusing and we have to use software and plugins as we need, but it is increasingly evident that Lightroom alone is

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ShortPixel: my favorite image optimizer plugin for WordPress

One of the main ways to speed up the loading of a website's pages is to optimize their images. This is even more important for a photographer's website, in which the right balance between the quality of the photos and their upload speed is a "must obtain". After several tests, I've adopted the ShortPixel plugin, mainly for its reliability and ease of use. I chose

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Make some noise!

One of the worst curses of modern digital photography is, simply, noise. There are, indeed, some situations in which its reduction is important, for example in the low-light and astronomical photography. The noise, however, can sometimes be a valuable and useful ally, especially if you plan to print our images. Many use an "artificial grain", also achievable with appropriate plugin, including Google Nik Collection and Realgrain from Imagenomic, which even allow

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