Five strategies for better focusing

Social networks, internet, television, radio, cell phones, phone numbers, VoIP, Skype: they are all great tools for communicating and to learning, but often the counterpart is excessive and results in continuous distraction. Here's to you five simple solutions that work well for me, but there are many strategies to live less "virtually connected" and more "focused", it is up to you to find your "magic

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The five magical moments of photography

The process of creating a photo carries in itself a sort of "alchemical mystery", perhaps also due to the chemical/physical nature of its origins, but also due to the potential complexity of thought that requires the generation of an image that has in itself a real communicative potential. In short, the main "magical" phases of the creative process: The meeting. It is the first

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The analogical native, the external mind and the communicating vessels

In the period between this century and the previous one we have been involved in a huge revolution, perhaps silent and not violent, but which has carried deep changes in our way of life. The diffusion of technologies, first and foremost the information technology, has influenced countless aspects of our life, such as work and leisure, but has also shaped, very quickly, our way

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