As I have already written, the excess of technology sometimes should make us renounce to other means and other more effective strategies.

This is the starting point for a new, small and personal project: “Sometimes We Fly” is based on a very simple idea, photographing Milan from above, without using drones.

Over the coming months, I will exploit high points, normally accessible to the public, such as the Belvedere of the Palazzo della Regione Lombardia, from which these photos were taken.

From time to time there will be technical and environmental issues to be resolved, such as reflections of the windows, the wind, the presence of other people and the fact of being dependent on fixed days and times, which will force me to better interpret the light and the weather conditions present at that time.

The renunciation of technology can bring photography (and not only) to its purest and simplest essence: interpretation and resolution of small and big problems, always different.

The idea, at the moment, is to produce a dozen fine art prints and maybe a small e-book, but projects so “open” can evolve a lot in their course.

In the meantime, if you have a location in Milan on a very high floor and would like to host me for an hour of shooting on our city, you can contact me:

Giorgio Sitta

+39 340 3468347