Too often black and white is used to try making ugly color images look cool.
This works well only in bad photographers’ mind.
Black and white photography, however, must be imagined as such before taking the picture and all the workflow, postproduction and printing included, must be developed in this sense.
Below I give you some ideas to improve your black and white images and I show you two examples, a simply converted photo and the same, however, worked ad hoc.

Six starting points for a bettere B&W:

  • try to project of the image in black and white before shooting it;
  • learn to use colored filters, by shooting or in post-production;
  • use the contrast;
  • remember to use white, black and white is not only “grey tones”;
  • use sharpness;
  • learn to work with selections.

Simply converted in greyscale

Projected and edited as B&W