A few months ago I’ve seen a TV program, dedicated to the sculptor Kenjirō Azuma.
What fascinates me is the strongly Zen character of his art.
I was very impressed with what he has said about the void: thinking of a glass, it does’t count the material, or the shape, but its ability to accommodate the content.
For this an empty glass is better than one full or half full (or half empty) : it can accommodate more wine.

Let, then, for a few days, to semplify our photographic style.
Try to simple the composition, reduce the number and the importance of the subjects, eliminate shadows and colors , desaturate , use the black and white .
Learn how to empty the images, giving confidence to those who can see, he’ll fill the gaps, conceptual and aesthetic, with a perception and interpretation of which will be the catalysts as invisible as indispensable.
Try to transform you photography into a communication act, in both directions.