Social networks, internet, television, radio, cell phones, phone numbers, VoIP, Skype: they are all great tools for communicating and to learning, but often the counterpart is excessive and results in continuous distraction.

Here’s to you five simple solutions that work well for me, but there are many strategies to live less “virtually connected” and more “focused“, it is up to you to find your “magic formula“!

Split production and communication

When I work, if I write, work on projects, or else I completely forget Internet.

For example, I’ve disabled the temporalized download of emails. I read the email when I want and I need to do it and, above all, when I can do it.

Similarly, many of my colleagues and friends do not even connected computers that they use to produce and post-producing to the Internet, devoting to navigation and mail a dedicated station.

MP3 killed the radio star

If, like me, you often work alone at the computer, you might be tempted to “make do company” from the radio. Nothing more deleterious, at least for me, unless it is a radio of pure musical programming. I prefer to listen to the radio in the evening or in the car, when I’m working I shuffle in my MP3 collection.

Too much comfort harms

Without exceeding in situations , I’ve noticed a bit that a too comfortable chair , for example, has a negative effect on my productivity. I do not say to work in a monk’s cell, but definitely in a pretty basic room. In my change of residence I have always reserved for the study the lighter room, invariably placing tables and desks so that the window was to the side.

One phone

Yes, at least in the hours in which we must focus, we should use a single phone, possibly the one on which we can reach only calls that really matter. Everything else can wait a few hours in the answering machine, without too much trauma.

Pen and paper

Often I find myself more comfortable normally writing on a sheet of paper, rather than spending time, for example, in a forced multitasking between Photoshop and Word. So I use the computer to the main activity (post-production, writing articles or books, blogging, mind maps, …), writing on a block list to check off, notes and so on.

As you can imagine these are not big sacrifices, and, believe me, with these small steps, you’ll work better.