The process of creating a photo carries in itself a sort of “alchemical mystery”, perhaps also due to the chemical/physical nature of its origins, but also due to the potential complexity of thought that requires the generation of an image that has in itself a real communicative potential.
In short, the main “magicalphases of the creative process:

  1. The meeting. It is the first contact with the subject, which can be casual, but also planned and organized, as in studio and commercial photography. It represents a sort of first “falling in love”.
  2. The interaction. I have always thought that it is impossible to effectively photograph something that does not involve us and with which we do not enter into a relationship. This phase is essential for the creative process, but also for our personal enrichment.
  3. The idea. After the “what to represent”, we move on to “how to represent it”, with a process that combines technical, interpretative and ideational skills. Here our individual capacity for vision is exercised.
  4. Postproduction. You decide: analog or digital, dark room or light room. This is the moment in which real alchemy is achieved, the transformation from what we have seen into what we want the public to see.
  5. The print. This is the best way to relate to the final result: you can not really appreciate a photograph until we see it printed and hung on a wall. The little magic is this: to bring back to the physical world an image that we have somehow “stolen” from it through the photographic process.

2017 – Large-format print for a private collector (sample of more images)