The reasons for which you stop taking pictures are many and personal.
Boredom, technical limits, repetition of subjects and environments, creative burnout and routine are just some of the possible motivations.
Here you are some ideas for renewing your love for photography:

  1. Change Location: A new place can be the stimulus to resume shooting. You do not have to invest in an exotic trip, sometimes it work well simply skipping on a train, or on your bicycle, or even making four steps in a neighborhood in a city you do not know.
  2. Change style and subjects. Are you used to photographing landscapes? Try to throw yourself away for a few weeks on the portrait, or any other style you may like. When you return to your favorite gender you will notice that your vision and technique will be improved.
  3. “Clean” the style. Try a more minimalistic view of your shots, for example with a “black and white period”. Reduce distraction factors and concentrate on creativity. Try to develop from time to time a specific theme: contrast, composition, materials, light, …
  4. Change your point of view. Try from below or from a very high floor of a building. Play with the features of the various optics (length and focal plane first). Treat the composition from these unexpected perspectives.
  5. Renew the equipment. There is no need to spend much. A new optics, a flash, or a simple additional macro lens can open up new expressive possibilities.
  6. Improve technique. partecipate to a workshop, or follow tutorial or video tutorials, or even buy a good book. Read the arguments on which you feel weaker from recapture to composition to the various aspects of postproduction.
  7. Discipline yourself. The refinement is born out of practice. taek pictures often, consciously and not compulsively. Try different subjects, techniques, situations and genres. As in sports, cut out one hour a day to devote to photo training, including visiting museums and exhibitions, reading specialized books, and consulting sites and blogs.
  8. Contact other photographers and compare ideas, curiosities and creative ideas. Photograph with some friends, maybe rent and share a studio with them to try portrait or still-life techniques.
  9. Develop a personal style. Acquired the technique, start developing a personal style. Begin by the interpretation of the subject and composition, up to postproduction.
  10. Give yourself some goals: quality prints to give to friends, a photographic book, the organized reportage of a long dreamed trip, … Create a project that involves you and bring it to an end. It will rid your lymph to your creativity and will force you to solve problems, develop strategies, and develop a real work method and workflow.