Photographing people is one of the most fascinating activities, the main attraction of which is, in my opinion, the interaction between a subject and a photographer, who is not equal in any other genre.
I propose you a short etiquette, in five points:

  1. never photograph anyone who does not want to be;
  2. always observe the uses, religion and personal inclinations of the subjects;
  3. to photograph a person well, you need to know her, spend time with your subjects before you start shooting. Do not rush to escape after taking pictures, take a few minutes to see the photos. Uliano Lucas’s social photography approach is one of the best examples of participating reportage;
  4. A face tells stories often, learn to pick them up and tell them;
    always giving priority to people, it is better to come home with a beautiful human experience and no shots that vice versa.
  5. In the case of commercial use, of course, always sign up with photographers of all the releases required by the regulations.
  6. Also remember to be educated in work areas, not just in reportage. Models and models are not just “working tools”, but people with whom it may be more or less pleasant and interesting to spend a few hours, much depends on us.