My activities are continuously enriched with new initiatives, in which I consider interesting to involve partners, which I can guarantee:

  • exposure of the brand, products and services on my website, social networks and Web 2.0 (our network of content sharing is rather complex and includes resources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, …);
  • exposure of the brand, products and services in the course of my activities and those of my partner;
  • technical testing, beta testing and reports of use of equipment, software and services;
  • availability at presentations or other types of events;
  • agreements with the students of my workshop and those who follow my blog, for the purchase of products or services;
  • technical advice and creative;
  • photographic and video material on the activities in which they appear brand, products and partner services;
  • the ability to operate in special environments and conditions (outdoor, mountain, or use of drone helicopter, …).


  • photographic and video equipment’s manufacturers;
  • accessories’ manufacturers (flash, tripod, studioaccessories, action cam, …);
  • software and hardware manufacturers;
  • service providers (printing, fine art, publishers, telephony, data, …);
  • public and private agencies, consortia, tour operators, guides …;
  • offices and press officers;
  • media partners.


  • providing material for techniques, creative and stress testing;
  • providing material, equipment and services for individual production projects;
  • sending press releases, news and documentary material and technical information;
  • communicating my activities through their resources;
  • working on joint projects.

I’m of course willing to cooperate with international companies and institutions.
Please contact me for information and clarification.