Each of us has his own idiosyncrasies.

In photography, I confess, for example, I have never been a big fan of so-called “long time exposure photography“, often used to “valorize” natural elements, such as water and clouds.

It’s a genre I do not love for two fundamental reasons.

The first is that, in character, I have a strong respect for the “substance” that I photograph.

I like, for example, the beautiful “pregnant” clouds, than reassuring “mustaches”, as I prefer the sea wave to silky water.

The second reason is a bit deeper, that comes from my love for the “void”, which I would somehow “donate” to those who look at my photos.

In other words, I like that whoever looks at my photographs can “fill” the physical, conceptual, and temporal voids with his vision, which is impossible for me if they “spill” temporally and physically the elements of a photograph.

It’s a bit of the vice of a society in which we are more and more stimulated, we are afraid of “empty” (horror vacui) and we try to fill it visually.

My ND filters, in short, spend a lot of time getting dust.

Long time exposure photography e horror vacui