Based on my experience, ten tips for aspiring storytellers.


  1. Learn to “tell” through a sequence of images, but also with a single shot.
  2. The interaction with the subject is fundamental, the invisibility of the photographer is a myth.
  3. Stories are made of environments, protagonists and situations. Do not focus your attention on just one element of the story.
  4. Participation pays: you must live in first person what you want to share.
  5. Take care of editing, a great reportage requires so much work in the dark room (or white room), how much on the field.


  1. Before shooting, learn how to write. A simple script will avoid problems when shooting and will help us in assembly.
  2. Carefully prepare the set, the material, and yourself. When the action starts everything runs fast, too much fast.
  3. Remember that camera movements enrich the spectator’s experience.
  4. Beware of lights, often not considered by aspirant videomakers, focused on action and subject.
  5. If possible, you can take the subjects, and especially their dialogues, from multiple points of view simultaneously, will be useful during the editing process, to make the interaction between the subjects more alive.