Whether you are going to print, or to post photos online, it is always best to make a last check.

During the process of organizing, postproduction, and production workflow, especially if complex, it’s also easy to “let go” even seemingly banal controls.
Some post-production interventions, then, can introduce new defects in images, which were not present in “clean” originals.

Here are ten final checks:

  1. horizontal horizons and deformations of lines due to optics;
  2. blur;
  3. out of focus;
  4. unreadable areas, being over or under exposed;
  5. wrong white balance;
  6. wrong dominant colors in specific areas;
  7. elements to be eliminated with Clone stamp;
  8. ghost effects in the HDR;
  9. imprecise alignments in stitching the panoramas;
  10. noise.


My advice is to use, for this check, a simple image browser, even the preview of Windows or MacOS.

Software like Lightroom, still have a complex interface, which could be “distracting” at a simple viewing stage.

A valid free viewer is IrfanView, which also has the advantage of requiring very little disk space and very limited system resources.