By frequenting social and media networks, I often see photographs detached from watermarks, more or less visible.
I find this habit quite curious and annoying.
For two reasons, mainly.
If the motivation is to avoid theft of images, it is funny to think that even experienced photographers, who may know how to handle all Photoshop tricks, think that the thieves in their photos do not come in while deleting the watermark with a bit of Clone stamp or, simply, make it disappear by cropping the image.
If you do not want your photos to be stolen, you do not put them on the Internet or, rather, let them circulate as much as possible, so they are unambiguously associated with you more resources on the Web than they have a well-defined policy on safeguarding your copyright.
Jealousy does not pay.
The other motivation may be some egocentrism, but in this case I wonder how many photographers would get something similar about the prints exhibited in an exhibition.

Watermarking is the worst treatment you could make to your photos, a crime against good taste and intelligence.