Sooner or later, each of us will afford a photographic selection.
Perhaps for professional reasons, for example to choose photos to put on your web site or a brochure, but also, simply, you might want to select the ten best pictures of your holidays, to share them with your friends.
Today I’d like to introduce a simple handbook to help you in your first pictures’ selection:

  1. identify the type of publication, which almost always dictates the format. The Web, for example, generally requires horizontal images, while books and magazines (with exclusion of the double pages) vertical ones;
  2. follow a chemme call it what you want, like storyboard, …), thinking in terms of a cinematic storyboard, or rather “comic’s strip”;
  3. choose images with colors suitable to the context (publication, website, blog, …);
  4. alternate subject and composition, for moving the sequences;
  5. pay attention to the lines of the composition, the line of vision of the subject … Often they are useful to guide the eye of those who see the photos;
  6. pay attention about your audience, their interests and tastes, the images must be of interest and excite them, not you;
  7. discard, of course, images with poor quality, wrong or unnecessary;
  8. avoid duplications;
  9. review your selection many times;
  10. finally, if the images are not yours, contact the author, ask for the permission to publish, and always quote the source.