Stan is one of the Eminem‘s most brilliant works of.

The artist starts from a Dido‘s song, he samples a verse and builds a story that has nothing to do with the original song.

Stan is a fictional fan (a bit crazy, indeed) of Slim Shady, the alter ego created by Eminem. In short, the story is this: Stan writes to Slim Shady a series of letters that tell the story of a man who, step by step, letter after letter, enters in a increasingly destructive spiral, until the tragic end.

A spiral that, perhaps, it would be stopped if Slim Shady had responded in time to at least one of the letters.

That immediately puts me in front of an important issue: the modern media are quick and dispersive, but if we have even a minimal exposure and even the slightest result, it is important to always respond to those who contact us.

But not only that, anything that we publish can affect the lives of those who follow us, even for a moment. That moment for us may be insignificant, but for our public might be an important moment of his life.

Among his many lies, marketing wants us to believe that communication through the media, especially digital ones, is somehow “cool“.

But it is not so, those who follow are not a “target” at which to sell something, but a very complex and delicate group of individuality, with which the complete and respectful communication must be established.

The medium is “cold”, but they are “hot” the actions and reactions of our communicative acts.

On the “other side” could be Stan, don’t leave him alone.