Like it or not, modern communication is increasingly visual.

Through the web and social media we are now traceable and available for millions of people, worldwide.

This happens not just for games, let’s we think about how LinkedIn could be of support to our profession.

How we will be tracked and “catalogued”, at least at first blush, by these millions of people?

Obviously through the photos of our profile and other images that contain.

So, if you invest in your image (personal and business), for example by choosing a nice design and a fine paper for your business cards. why not do the same for your photograph?

I make then you a proposal, please contact me, together we will identify the best way to visually tell your story the world, starting from your face.

We will do it in an original and highly personalized way, in your environment, telling with dynamism and participation (you do not need a sad “passport picture”, although taken by a professional!) your personality, but also your passions and your vision of the world.

Because a portrait is never a one-way process, but a relationship between photographer and subject and then, between the photographed and the world.