Since yesterday the president of one of the most influential nations in the world is a tragicomic character.

In Trump everything is caricatured: hair, skin color, facial expressions and gestures.

Yet even this his image has apparently convinced a part the electorate of the elegant, restrained and cute Obama.

The reasons for the success of this way of  appearing are many, and can include the habit of a certain vulgarity and at some television language and the mistrust of the electorate against candidates too clever, or too elegant and measured.

In Italy we are accustomed to such phenomena, just think of the success of people like Berlusconi, Bossi or Grillo.

A freak could be a winner, if he’s a populist.

I’m very curious to see how and if the aesthetics and communication, also non-verbal, of Trump will become now that no longer has to collect votes and that is to represent the United States before the world.