The relationship between social media and real reputation is often less strict than we think.

Be careful, I’m not totally opposed to these tools: I use them personally and for my clients in my consulting and teaching activities.

I use them, but with due caution.

It’s important to realize the limitations of these media, which are related to the very nature of online communications and users’ psychology.

These are five reasons to realize that you will not become “big and famous” via social:

  1. The media influences communications. Synchronous and asynchronous communication, lack of non-verbal messages, time, language and acronyms, … are some of the factors that limit and alter the “natural” communications between human beings. You could argue that this also happens with radio, print and television, but there is a difference: web action, reaction and side effects of a communicative act take place with a rapidity that is not found in any other medium.
  2. In the virtual it is easy to give the worst of themselves. Looking at the social profiles of some colleagues I face, sometimes, in situations such dr. Jeckyll and mr. Hyde acting: lovely people, intelligent, courteous and helpful in real life are transformed into incredible pain in the ass, narcissists, with polemical and prophetical tones.
  3. The sample is offset. Our fans in the virtual does not correspond sometimes to those who follow us in the real life, by type and distribution.
  4. The habit conditions behavior. Though initially some of our work like and if those who follow us love “the character,” it may be that the public, the more addicted to the habit and sympathy they feel for us attentive to the quality of what we do in the future, put the “like” any bad thing we propose them.
  5. It hurts our ego. Increase fans, increase like … we always feel more “shepherds”. The relationship with the real audience is more difficult, from a psychological point of view and also physical, but it is the only one that we can do to grow professionally and personally.