In recent decades the visual communication has become much more “soft”, also due to many limitations, often legal.
In Italy, for example, often you can not show the faces of children in photographies.
Let’s try to see what might be the effects of these limitations on famous images, like the photo of Phan Thị Kim Phúc by Nick Út.
We can start hiding the face of the girl, then those of the other children, then, perhaps for legal and safety reasons, the soldiers and eventually, to make a pleasure to the military intelligence, the signs.
What now tells this photo of that war? Now what would be the consequences on the opinion public?
A virtually nowhere placed and foggy image, talking only about the overriding and hypocritical moralism and the legal obsession that is increasingly more by clipping the photographic representation of the world, at least in its most unpleasant aspects.