Being a professional does not mean writing “photographer” on the Facebook profile, but it is to enter the fray, taking on the risks of an activity, being a freelance or an employed.

The passage to the profession is, trivially, billing: the transformation of your ideas into cash.

Being a professional means also to know that you belong to a category, respecting many rules, first of all the right remuneration.

If, in order to appear, you sell off or give your images for free (images that will be clear low-level, no one can guarantee a good production with inadequate or non-existent budget), first of all you will hurt yourself, ruining a market in which you’re trying to position yourself.

Being professionals, finally, means above all to relate with the clients, providing ideas, quality and capacity and authorial skills.

The “photographer” enjoys the applause of the network, the professional works hard to convince the clients and, above all, the customers’ public, generating income for his client and, of course, for himself.

Everything else is more or less a funny game, but it has nothing to do with the profession.