Among my activities, one of those I love the most is definitely teaching.

You may have noticed that I always use the term “workshop” and not “courses”.

This is because this definition contains something of “operating” and “cooperative” that best describes my approach to teaching, which is closely tied to the “guided discovery“.

I prefer that my students do not “suffer” a course, but do actively participate in the creative and organizational activities.

Many of my students have the technical knowledge, sometimes it’s advanced, but they need to deepen in the specific topics covered in the various workshops and courses.

They often have the need to fill the gap between ideas and execution, to develop a method and a personal stile and to deepen particular topics or clarify doubts.

This is why I prefer not to think about myself as “teacher“, but as “trainer“, a definition that I prefer, since it incorporates itself a concept of helping in developing the students’ skills, better than of mere transmission of knowledge.

And, not least, for me it is important that those who participate in one of my workshops come home with the certainty of having learned something, but having fun and with te comparison with other people.