Among the aspects I love most of the Anglo-Saxon culture there is definitely a form of “not cold pragmatism“, which is expressed perfectly in the field of communication.

In journalism, in particular, the well-known “Five W” summarize,with rare efficiency,  what we should be getting in an article:

  • WHO (Who)
  • WHAT (What)
  • WHEN (When)
  • WHERE (Where)
  • WHY (Why)

I’d like to think that this attention will also be paid in visual storytelling and, specifically, in photography.

Every picture tells a story“, so let’s enhance our visual storytelling enriching (without obsessing) with 5W.

Warning, the language does not have to be didactic and explicit: with the images we can also suggest elements, or work by subtraction, leaving those who see our photos, and his ability to interpret, part of the process of representation of our ideas.

In the image below, my simple interpretation of 5W, in a shoot of action sports:

  • WHO, it is an explicit representation of the athletes;
  • WHAT, sport action is represented just as evident as possible and dynamic;
  • WHEN, the breastplate identifies the race;
  • Where, in this case I decided to make the environment indefinitely, blurring, desaturate and working on the contrary, to “suspend” the action in a space that, in some way, “freezes” the time also;
  • WHY, why it is summarized from the image as a whole.

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