For those working with contents and advertising it is not uncommon to come across in low regard of their work.
The creative environment is full of self-mocking citations of its customers, like “Blessed are you to do such a fun job!“.
Beyond everything, today I would like to make some economic considerations.
The do-it-yourself definitely saves the parcel of a professional, but often ineffective communications results in a lose-lose.
Let’s try to think about the problems might lead some bad photos, or about how many missing contacts can create a site that does not take into account the usability requirements.
Surely the amateur friend photographer, the aunt who knows awkwardly tweak in WordPress and the girlfriend with passion of writing are cheap (or do cost nothing), but how much will make them you earn? And, again, how much money will you lose?
There are even worse situations, but here you go to the imaginative category of scoundrels: photos stolen here and there, cloned sites, …
Fortunately, however, it is very easy to report these abuses, especially on the Web, and see intervene promptly services such as Facebook, Google, and many other providers.
We are creative, not idiots.
If the buff do-it-yourself, then, at the most risk losing time and some gain, the sly, on the contrary, he has reasonable assurance of exile (temporary or permanent) from major portions of the Web.
In conclusion, I have an absolute open position: fans of the do-it-yourself might learn, putting on our side, friend .
That, however, is really a nice job, but as such should be seen.