Often, too often, we focus on the formal aspects of our shots, forgetting the ones I think are the most important skills instead: narrative and intent.

Our hunt for the perfect light, the more balanced composition, or better sharpness often make us forget that, first of all, our photographs should arouse emotion in the viewer.
This week, therefore, I ask you to leave the perfect eye and to aim precisely on emotion.
That’s what I do often, shooting with a smartphone, highlighting the signs of aging for a face, “hardening” the textural aspects of the natural elements, or preferring to adverse weather conditions for my photographic output.
To explain better, I propose, instead, an image, a musical example.
This version of Janis Joplin Summertime is full of flaws: the winds are almost childlike intro, the guitar constantly stumbles, the bass and drums sometimes in different directions.
Then comes a hoarse voice, ungainly.
And the magic begins