The picture I am presenting today is part of a session and video of a few days ago.

What interested me in this particular image was to make a pretty good idea of ​​the environment in which the action occurred.

I chose therefore a high viewpoint and a wide angle lens, composing the image so as to include the two biker, that, in addition to adding the human element and dynamic, are useful as element “of scale”.

Without them, and in the absence of shadows that I patiently waited, the picture would be completely “flat” and the “breath” of the environment limited by the absence of elements of comparison that would allow us to determine the size.

With regard to post-production, I deleted inevitable flies and gnats with the Healing Brush (Patch) of Photoshop, so I worked the image almost completely with Photoshop (the new filter Dehaze, “pump” shadows, sharpen, …) and with Google Nik Collection (Viveza locally, Bleach Bypass and Tonal Contrast, always zoned).


I’ve finally cropped in 21: 9 format, which seemed particularly effective to make the “spatial” image.

Below the “first” (the original RAW) and the “after“.

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