Among the more or less idiomatic phrases of English “Big in Japan” it is one of those that I love more.

In practice it describes who, loser and unknown at home, misrepresent, publicly or in a more intimate (like with the “coffee shop friends”), a fabulous and unverifiable carieer, in some distant country.

Loser at home, of course, but a big in Japan!

Web 2.0 and social media are the Japan of the new millennium, with some further consideration of technological character.

I’ll tell you a brief experience.

Some days ago, during a run workout, I was hit by a shot. Combining business and pleasure, I took advantage of a break and I took a picture with my smartphone.

A fast and exaggerated editing with Snapseed and I’ve posted the picture on Instagram, automatically sharing it on Facebook.

La foto ha avuto un immediato e per me inaspettato successo.

The picture has a good composition, but is deliberately edited over the edge of good taste.

Being so “pumped“, moreover, it is characterized by a considerable amount of noise.


Yet liked, it has attracted much more than other shares, perhaps of photos taken with the camera and worked carefully in Photoshop.

One reason is probably that much of the people access to social (especially those of Instagram) with a mobile device and the bad quality of the image is not noticeable on so small screens.

If, then, the picture is seen with a tablet, or computer screen, teh subject and the mood distract the user and make him forget all the defects.

If you want to be a Big in Japan, then, you have to hit with a fist, not to caress it!

Soundtrack theme: the title song, not in the original version of Alphaville, but the Guano Apes cover.