Some days ago I saw the DVD Gabriele Basilico, the series Photography Italian, which can be bought at a cheaper price than on Amazon.
Among the many interesting concepts, he struck me, once again, that of ‘”tune in” to what you are shooting, calmly and slowly.

The optical bench, used by Basilico, imposes this form of visual meditation and visionary, on the time necessary to the composition, up to the fact that the framing is abstract, because it upside down.
The nature photographers are no strangers to this concept: you “on purpose”, it remains still and slowly the landscape begins to be populated by animals.
The same can be done in a “street” in which, when you begin to confuse you with the environment, people will move with greater spontaneity.
Even in landscape photography this practice is useful.
I stand still and watch makes us more aware of landscape elements that initially did not see, as well as its dynamic change (the clouds, the movement of the sun and the resulting shadows, …).
Obviously we do home caught unprepared: it is crucial to know to react to stimuli and act quickly on camera settings.
Try it: instead of “impose” on what photographed, or “suffer it”, sit back, and, slowly and awareness, create a relationship, with respect.