In this “neutral” and “worried” era, terms such as “bipartisan” and “politically correct” are now part of the common lexicon.

Terms to which I immediately and inevitably associate a thought: “that sucks“.

I do not think, in fact, that communication and, in general, life, can always be “in the center“, in a terrifying limbo of “non-ideas” and “non-opinions”.

Photography, fortunately, impose a criteria that force us to be politically incorrect.

We are responsible and we supply our precise interpretation of reality when we choose a subject, but also when we decide to portray him with a certain light, a certain light, a precise location.

This applies to the reports, as to commercial photography, portrait, landscape, architecture, …

The higher is the degree of our consciousness, the more we exercise this combination of freedom and responsibility.

Photography (thankfully) is politically incorrect, if you do not believe, please read the history of photography that I present below.