By partnering with GMH Helicopter Services, a new workshop dedicated to aerial photography from the helicopter.

The area is one of Mont Blanc, the time of flight is magical: the dawn. The space available for each output are only three, to guarantee the best freedom of movement on board.

In this workshop you will face issues “classics” as the technical specifications of shooting and post-production, but you will also learn to plan a session of aerial photography, reading three-dimensional maps, until the available helicopter and coordination with other photographers .

An expert pilot of the company GGMH Helicopter Services will guide you in the proper management of your space and your movements on board.

You will also be filmed during the flight, in order to then discuss with your movements on board.

The workshop takes place all weekends, with flight Saturday and Sunday morning, here you can download the complete program.

We agreed conventions for accommodation and meals (also applied to your companions), but we can also arrange customized solutions.

For information and registration:

+39 0165 89137

+39 393 3000533