In the next weekend I had the opportunity to attend a masterclass in photography, which took place at the Forte di Bard, in collaboration with Magnum and Leica.

The teacher was Jean Gaumy, which, honestly, I knew for his fame, but not for his job.

Saturday was devoted to shooting and Sunday to the portfolio reading.

Gaumy has always been very helpful and very generous in lavishing advice and guidance, but also for suggestions and encouragement, especially against the less experienced students.

The profile of the class was nicely varied, with professional photographers, photojournalists, “simple amateurs” often able to master a very mature visual language, artists, glamour photographers and minimalists, Nordic whiteouts enthusiasts, all in spite of the workshop was aimed specifically at landscape.

The comparison with the group was absolutely pleasant and enjoyable and I have the impression that the classic “keep in touch” of circumstance in this case can not fall on deaf ears.

About the learning experience, I have a bit suffered the location for the shooting (areas adjacent to two stations of the new Mont Blanc cableway), an area too little “wild”, but even not so “industrial”, in short, for me , a “middle ground” in which it’s hard to give an honest reading of the landscape, also because of the choice of timetable, with the total absence of shadows, which for me are always valuable allies.

Fantastic was, instead, the portfolio reading, which Gaumy has performed with enviable energy. An experience, also in this case, very ,useful especially for the ability to compete with other worlds, with other languages ​​and with other reading keys.

I share with you some pictures of the day on Saturday, finished “on the fly” (someone directly on your smartphone with Snapseed, others with a handful of minutes of Photoshop).