Those involved in music knows how important it is to check the instruments, amplification and all that the musician uses, the environment in which you will play.

It’s soundcheck, which I show you an example below.

Also we photographers can benefit from a “viewcheck”; below to the main points that characterize mine:

  • Sensor Cleaning: I shoot a photo to the sky with the minimum aperture, to check for any stains;
  • Lens Cleaning: I look at the lenses, using them as if they were telescopes, cleaning with LensPen;
  • Optical and camera body: zoom and autofocus, correct exposure settings (exposure, focus, ISO, …) specific for the shooting session, …;
  • Tripod: I control that the scrolling of long rod and sections of the legs do not present problems and verify various locks and head;
  • Accessories: I check the battery status, remote shutter, the flash, the cleaning supplies and filters; SD by computer, I verify that there are no problems reading and writing data;
  • Smartphones and tablets: state of charge, battery parts, necessary app, any offline maps, manuals and documents;
  • backpack or bag: check the status of straps and padding.

This in general, in specific situations the check it can expand to lighting systems, special clothing, …

If possible, I recommend you do your checks in a bright, clean and tidy place, with a nice table available.

In reality, however, we quickly get used to do our checks in the car, on the train, in a mountain lodge, in the middle of a messy fashion set, …

Cultivate, in short, the order, preparing to move even in the chaos!