The equipment of the digital photographer often goes beyond the classic camera bodies and lenses, ranging from more or less useful objects.

One tool that I find handy is the tablet, which I always carry with me, in the light and pocket-sized 8-inch version.
Here are some usefule applications:

  • Backup, thanks to a special cable and a pocket SD reader, the tablet becomes a comfortable viewer for previewing photos (there are also app for managing RAW files) and a backup tool, on which at least save photos most important.
  • Tethering, with the app DslrDashboard I can control, even wirelessly, all of the features of my camera. It ‘a good support for the timelapse, but also in special situations, such as night photography or macro “impossible” camera positions (for example, skimming the ground, reversing the column of the tripod).
  • Geotag, like the smartphone, the tablet’s built-in GPS can be used to record the GPS track of our photo sessions, to tag the images later.
    There are useful geographical apps, all those that use the GPS: maps, celestial movements of the sun …
  • Dropbox, quick access to the cloud can be very advantageous, for example for sharing of pictures, or to make the customer can watch a selection of images.
  • Reference and e-books. I keep all documentation in electronic version (manual cameras and accessories, regulations, various tables, ..) on my smartphone, tablet and cloud.
  • Editing. In emergencies apps like Snapseed can be used for post-producing the fly a few photos.
  • Organization: above calendar and email, two indispensable apps in any work situation.
  • Notes, thanks to Evernote can take notes, even visual, and share and synchronize them between all my devices.
  • Tips and tricks. A doubt? A Google search and the fear passes!