It is always difficult to photograph the movement.

It is even more so in situations sports, racing and outdoor, in which the action is even more rapid, unpredictable, unique and complicated by environmental factors and logistics.

This is why I propose a new workshop, a weekend dedicated about action and sports photography.

Get ready to play a lot of work in the field: you will learn to plan the photo shooting, to work with the athletes and the public, to manage logistics and location.

You will deepen shooting techniques, such as panning, learning to react quickly and to best use autofocus, priorities and depth of field.

Together we will develop your “high speed photographic instinct“, creating and automating a repertoire, technical and interpretive, that will help you go beyond the simple record of the sports event.

It is a workshop fully customizable, according to your needs and those specific activities that you want to photograph, with practical shooting sessions, with specially selected models/athletes.

The course is limited to a maximum of six people.

The program presented in the PDF is generic, a number of ideas on which to “build” your specific workshops.

The cost of the workshop will be set according to your needs, the location and logistics