Waiting for the trekking-workshop of June 26 to 28, in Valle d’Aosta, some ideas to embrace knowingly and with taste the world of black and white.

Good reasons:

  1. It ‘a workout gym, thanks to which, not “distracted” by the color, we can begin to heal the best composition and exposure, but also to manage the contrasts and the histogram in postproduction.
  2. It ‘a language at the same time simple and mature. Infact, the first and the last belt of martial arts are the white and the black. The colors are in between.
  3. It brings us back to the graphic sign. Shooting in black and white also means bringing our reading skills and interpretations to other approaches, closer to painting and graphics.
  4. It ‘a good way to start printing. As in the first point for the shot, the black and white can be a good way to take even the way the press of our images, without, in the first instance, the “problems” related to colors, primary among them is the calibration of the post-production-output system.

Bad reasons:

  1. It hides bugs, especially those related to color: white balance, dominant … It ‘still an illusion, even the white and black is affected by these errors, reflected simply in shades of gray rather than colors.
  2. Falsely makes “stylish” picture sometimes trivial. This is one of the greatest illusions and “scams” of photography: an ugly picture remains so even when reduced to shades of gray. The photos in black and white to be thought, precisely in black and white, not “simplified” color images.
  3. It can be pretentious. It ‘a risk, especially linked to stylistic complacency.
  4. The absence of color often limits communication. Color is not an enemy, but an ally that supports us in the path that leads our audience emotion. The black and white, so if misused and badly, is counterproductive.