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Born in Venice in 1967, I live in Milan, Italy.
I am a professional photographer, a journalist and a writer, author of more than forty books, many of which are dedicated to photography and multimedia.
I’m member of TAU Visual and a CMAS certified Divemaster.

I love the fusion between different languages and cultures and I have a deep aptitude in sharing experience and knowledge and working with other professionals.
Most of all, I hope to be surprised and fascinated by my life, every day.

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I’ve worked twice with Giorgio for a photoshoot of my brand, both products and making-of. It’s been such a pleasure, really professional both in taking photos and post-production. Great eye for different angles and close-ups. Once we got to the shooting location he read straight away our vibe and what we stand for, managing to come up with great photos that fully represent what we do and how we do it, telling our story in the best way possible through his photography. Hope to work with Giorgio soon!!!

Excellent result of the training course carried out at our company, Neos Air Spa. Giorgio managed to bring all the participants, amateur photographers with different levels of preparation, to an appreciable level of photographic technical skills and, in a more general sense, of visual communication, allowing the group to the production, in almost total autonomy, of the company’s storytelling from its beginning today with the arrival of the Boeing 787-9 dreamliner. The resulting work was exhibited at the official inauguration of the aircraft in the presence, among others, of representatives of Boeing and Rolls Royce.

Sabrina Magnoni, HR Manager @ Neos Air Spa, Neos Air Spa

I work with Giorgio in Associazione Socrate and I can confirm his serious professionalism and not least his preparation and experience. The acuity in being able to grasp what the customer needs makes him plan successful projects.

Giorgio is a true professional, not only for the technique and the precision with which he works, but also for the passion and the human relationships he knows how to cultivate. A detail that makes the difference for the choice of a collaborator.

Giorgio collaborates with our studio by providing us with photographic images of our achievements.
His experience as a photographer, lecturer, and communications consultant make him a very special interlocutor, very attentive to the needs of his clients.
Giorgio is a precise, prepared and creative professional who I would advise not only in the architectural field.

Giorgio with his powerful images helped Cibario to communicate the quality of the food we prepare. In addition to his skills as a photographer, Giorgio has demonstrated an uncommon ability to work on projects, in cooperation with different companies.